Protein Bar: know when to eat and what the benefits are

   Protein bars are usually widely used by those who practice sports, but there are still many doubts revolving around this food. After all, can it be considered a meal? Or is it just a snack? What time should I eat a protein bar? And what is a protein bar for?

   In a very brief and simple way: the protein bar is a snack option and, as the name implies, it is a protein bomb – it can contain up to 20g of this component in a single serving!

   Since it is just a snack, the bar should always complement the athletes’ diet, and never replace a meal completely. This is because, although it is very nutritious, a well-balanced diet needs other complements to achieve a healthy life – such as carbohydrates, vitamins, lipids, etc.


What is a protein bar good for?


   Protein bars bring many benefits to the human body, such as


– Strengthening the immune system;
– Increase in lean mass
– Increased production of antibodies;
– Decreased skin flaccidity.


   Because of the feeling of satiety caused by them, protein bars prevent the athlete from having too many caloric snacks during the day. Not to mention another advantage over cereal bars: they contain less sugar!


Protein bar benefits


– Promotes satiety
– Helps body composition
– Contributes to performance and health;
– Greater convenience for intermediate snacks;
– Practical and healthy option.


When should I eat protein bars?


   To answer this question in the most appropriate way, seeking the help of a nutrition professional would be the safest way to go.

   But, in general, we can say yes: it can be consumed every day, as long as the athlete understands that it, alone, is not ideal to achieve a balanced diet, as we have already mentioned.

   After a visit to the nutritionist, you will know the ideal time to consume these bars, according to your needs. Generally, however, they are consumed before or after training as well as being a quick and practical option for an afternoon snack on busy days.

   If you eat the protein bar before training, the ideal is that you have had a complete and balanced meal about 2 hours before training, while the bar can be consumed around 15 minutes before starting your workout.

   If you prefer to eat it post-workout, you should also eat it about 15 minutes after finishing your workout, and have a complete meal between 2 and 3 hours after finishing your physical activities.


How to choose the best protein bar?


   It is very important when choosing a protein bar to look at the origin of the raw material and its composition. Avoid those that contain sugars, artificial sweeteners, artificial colors and flavorings. The option and choice for the protein bar should be the healthiest possible, being the one that will bring benefits to health.
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