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Proteins are nutrients that the body needs to make important body parts, such as muscles, hormones, tissues, skin and hair. In addition, it was the neurotransmitters that were responsible for transmitting the nerve impulses that form thoughts and the physical commands to move the body. They are important nutrients for maintaining and increasing muscle mass, because in order to grow muscles, it is necessary to have, in addition to regular exercise. The body’s antibodies and defense cells are made of protein, and without adequate intake of this nutrient, the immune system weakens and the body becomes more susceptible to disease and infection. Proteins are responsible for the formation of collagen, the substance that gives the skin firmness and prevents wrinkles and expression marks. In addition, keratin, the main component of hair, is also a protein, which is why healthy hair needs this nutrient. [Title text = “Our Protein Products” style = “bold_center”]

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