Weight Gainers & Carbs

Many bodybuilders and weightlifters notice that after an initial increase in muscle building, they just seem flat. No matter how hard they work or what they eat, they can’t seem to gain weight. If a consistent diet and exercise plan isn’t working, weight-gaining carbs may be the key to getting you off the plateau and back to gaining muscle mass. This plateau is a common occurrence in those trying to gain weight, as the applied muscle quickly overbalances the amount of calories they have eaten. It is difficult to keep up with this muscle gain to generate the excess calories and protein needed to gain weight and muscle mass. To help bridge this, weight gainer carb supplements provide you with a balanced nutritional supplement that leads to steady gains in the gym. Weight Gainers are especially useful for those with fast metabolisms, often called hard gainers, who struggle to put on any weight from day one. If you want to gain more weight, this is a dietary supplement to start with.

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