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Garden of Life have a wide range of RAW probiotics, vitamins, mineral, plant based protein, amino acids, joint support and much more.
Always made with the highest quality, pure & organic, free from binders fillers and artificial ingredients. Garden of Life supplements is well known for its natural, RAW and organic products, created with the idea for a holistic healing and never processed or made with artificial ingredients.
Wholefood is a term that is really important for Garden of life, due to that our bodies were created to eat and receive nutrition from food, REAL food. As of today much of the food in our diet are lacking in nutrition, therefore it’s important to have products containing the highest quality with nutrition that often are missing in our diets.
Certificate, is an important motto as the customer should know where and what the product comes from, where it has grown and how the farmer has been well treated. Many of the products from Garden of Life are labeled with Certified USDA Organic and NON GMO VERIFIED.
History of Garden of Life, the company was founded in 2000 with a strong belief that overall health based in a healthy digestion, therefore probiotics and enzyme from organic and non GMO sources have played a major role in all products made by the company. There vision for the future is a hope that genetic modifications to the food system will diaper more and more, as they believe these modifications are a major factor for toxic chemical pollution in waterways and land masses, and contributing to rising incidence of serious health concerns in children and adults.Buy Garden of Life from our wide selection.
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Garden of Life products


Dietary supplements

FYI Restore – 60 caps

5 out of 5

Digestive Health, Fiber

Mykind Organics Maca Root – 225g

5 out of 5

Digestive Health, Fiber

Omega Zyme – 180 vcaps

5 out of 5

Digestive Health, Fiber

Omega Zyme – 90 vcaps

5 out of 5