L-glutamine, glutamine

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Glutamine plays an important role in protein synthesis, provides energy to cells, pH balance in the kidneys and is involved in many anabolic processes. Although the body regularly produces glutamine, a supplement with glutamine and L-glutamine can increase the efficiency of these processes. For bodybuilders, L-glutamine in particular appears to play an important role in maintaining muscle mass, as higher levels throughout the body prevent L-glutamine from leaking out of muscle tissue for other processes. Because of its role in cellular energy and anabolic mechanisms, bodybuilders often use a large portion of their natural glutamine and L-glutamine during training. The body can replenish it by breaking down muscle and to prevent this a glutamine or L-glutamine supplement can be used. The supplement can not only stop or slow down the rate of muscle breakdown, but it can also increase the protein synthesis required for muscle building and also increase the body’s immunity.

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