Supplementing with Taurine: A Vital Amino Acid

Supplementing with Taurine: A Vital Amino Acid

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Nadia Anderson, M.P.H.

A higher nutritional ingestion of the amino acid taurine, sometimes deemed a person of the ideal held secrets of ideal health, has been discovered as a most likely crucial longevity factor shared among the world’s longest-living populations.1 While taurine has typically been overlooked, scientists have concluded that because of to “its purposeful significance in cell improvement, nourishment, and survival, taurine is undoubtedly a single of the most essential substances in the physique.”2 Taurine is the most abundant amino acid in human cells, but the system generates it in inadequate quantities.3,4 Taurine’s huge range of important functions in the human system have led a person of the world’s main dietary longevity industry experts to get in touch with it a “longevity nutrient.”3

What are the advantages of taurine?

Taurine is concerned in virtually each aspect of well being. It supports cardiovascular well being, insulin sensitivity, mitochondrial purpose, neurologic health and even athletic general performance and restoration. Communicate about comprehensiveness!

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Who needs to nutritional supplement with taurine?

Taurine is predominantly found in animal-derived food items this kind of as dairy, meats, fish and shellfish, and is pretty much absent from numerous plant food items these kinds of as legumes (together with soy), nuts, and greens.5,6 Those people consuming a plant-centered or vegan diet plan with small to no animal-derived food items would advantage from supplementing with taurine. Clinical studies applying taurine at doses of 1,000-6,000 mg have noted advantageous results.7,8 Whilst all those with a vegan or vegetarian diet plan could be at finest possibility of very low taurine levels, taurine is essential for so a lot of vital bodily functions that just about everyone can profit from supplementing with taurine.

The security of supplemental taurine

Is taurine derived from bull urine? No. It is a misunderstanding that the amino acid is derived from bull urine or semen. Taurine is a widespread addition to quite a few power drinks, these types of as Purple Bull. Despite the fact that electricity drinks can supply amongst 600-1,000 mg of taurine, frequent consumption is not advised. Not like abnormal strength consume consumption, taurine supplementation has a solid file of safety.9


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