Calcium and magnesium reduce chemo side consequences

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Calcium and magnesium reduce chemo side effects

A presentation on May 15, 2008 at the 44th once-a-year meeting of the American Society of Medical Oncology unveiled that calcium and magnesium administered intravenously to sufferers undergoing chemotherapy final results in a important reduction in neurotoxicity, a prevalent aspect result of chemotherapeutic medicine. The issue is characterised by pain in the extremities that can be critical plenty of to prevent cancer sufferers from continuing their therapy.

Researchers with the North Central Most cancers Cure Group administered intravenous calcium and magnesium ahead of and just after treatment method with the chemotherapeutic drug oxaliplatin to 50 of 102 people with superior colon most cancers. The remaining 52 sufferers acquired oxaliplatin with an intravenous placebo. The study group discovered a significant reduction in neurotoxicity incidence, severity, and time to onset linked with the use of calcium and magnesium when compared with the placebo team.

“We developed a double-blind, placebo-managed analyze that confirmed the usefulness of calcium furthermore magnesium in cutting down debilitating neurological sensitivity involved with oxaliplatin, these as agony in the arms, fingers, ft and toes,” discussed analyze co-chair Daniel Nikcevich, MD, PhD, who is an oncologist at St. Mary’s Duluth Clinic in Minnesota. “In the past, these facet consequences have brought on sufferers to end remedy and, thus, not acquire essential therapy.”

“Some first studies from other research claimed that the use of calcium and magnesium lessened the exercise of oxaliplatin-centered chemotherapy,” additional co-chair Axel Grothey, MD of the Mayo Clinic. “However, we have definitive final results from an independent, blinded radiologic critique which demonstrates no adverse affect of calcium and magnesium on the end result for oxaliplatin-primarily based chemotherapy.”

“Now that we have proven the efficiency of calcium and magnesium in lessening oxaliplatin-induced neurotoxicity, a additional phase may possibly be to consider the profit of calcium and magnesium in cutting down neurotoxicity caused by other medications,” Dr Nikcevich stated. “Many other usually applied chemotherapy agents result in neurological sensitivity. By making use of our research design, we can examination the success of calcium and magnesium when employed with other treatment plans.”

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