Obvi was founded with one objective in mind: present the most obvious choice of transparent products which present real results without having to sacrifice taste. At Obvi, we believe the industry as it is currently, is facing a phenomenon which is known as the paradox of choice; that is, the more choices there are, the less satisfied the customer is starting to become. We have set out to make that choice as obvious and easy for our customers. Simple and transparent formulas with a cutting-edge flavor systems make any Obvi product, the obvious choice.
Collagen has long made its place in the health and wellness industry as a supplement with a lot to offer with little to avoid. Collagen is often synonymous to many other additives such as superfoods or probiotics. At Obvi we wanted to break the stigma around collagen needing to be an additive versus being able to take as a stand alone drink which actually tastes good. Our formulation pairs up neck and neck with the best hydrolyzed bovine collagens in the market, but what makes ours superior is the flavor system. Our flavor system was derived with the mindset of: collagen doesn’t have to be boring. Collagen is generally perceived as an unflavored additive. What we developed here at Obvi was not only a flavor system that tastes delicious but one that will also help the daily cravings for sugary cereals. Not only is there not a single cereal flavored collagen on the market, there is also very few flavored collagens that taste decent enough to consume.
Keeping up our trend of debunking collagen myths, here at Obvi we aren’t ones to believe in the idea of starting to take collagen only when you come of age. There is truly no starting age for collagen as with every stage in your life, collagen will serve multi faceted purposes. When you are younger, taking collagen will work more in a preventative measure to help avoid many skin, gut and health issues that often develop in your later years. If you begin to take collagen in your middle aged years, you will be often acting proactively towards certain symptoms you are seeing working against your skin, gut and health and collagen will act in the form of support and regeneration. In your later years, collagen plays the form of reactive measures to your grown out symptoms across skin, gut and overall health measures throughout your body. Collagen can be taken at any point in your life, so don’t prolonging rebuilding and renewing your health.
When we began the Research and Development behind the of cereal flavored Collagen and eventually building the brand Obvi around it, we wanted to make sure the biggest advantage we can bring to our retail and online partners was a point of differentiation. Our formula, flavor system and brand all have their own points of differentiation in the marketplace and we hope to partner with you to bring life to our brainchild.

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