Behind the Eco-friendly Bottle: Jodee Woods

Jodee Woods

In this series we emphasize members of the Swanson community—customers, readers, employees—and what well being means to them. In this issue we choose time to get to know radio individuality Jodee Woods, who has identified a new inroad on her wellness journey by earning a lasting life-style modify to a ketogenic (keto) diet program.

One Dimension Does Not Match All

Ever had that emotion that if you could just change a single factor of your everyday living, the rest would sort of drop into place? Radio temperament Jodee Woods is familiar with the route we pave for our personalized wellness journey isn’t normally straightforward—but that discovering one particular that suits can modify every thing.

For a long time she struggled with sustaining a healthful life style, normally locating herself in a vicious cycle, “I yo-yo dieted, attempting anything but absolutely nothing seemed to adhere. I managed to get excess weight and sense worse.” 

At her maximum fat she was winded when she walked up the stairs—it was then Jodee was all set to make a everlasting improve. Life was waiting with an unanticipated prospect, “In April 2019, I was made available an opportunity to function with a keto way of life plan. I jumped at the probability to learn a more healthy way of living and dedicated to it 100%.”


More than a diet, “keto” actually involves a way of living modify, due to the fact the objective is to keep ketosis, also named being fat-adapted, which takes place when the human body burns fats and ketones for electrical power as a substitute of glucose. Fundamentally, all those on a keto diet regime take in fats and proteins although largely averting carbs. But 1st the physique has to understand how to use unwanted fat as fuel. This can confirm a tough balance to preserve considering that even sure veggies or an excessive of protein can thrust the human body out of ketosis.

For Jodee, that means the challenging option to minimize out foods she enjoys. “I have a really serious sweet tooth and I love potatoes, and both equally are also carb large for keto.” Though challenges can most likely overwhelm any special way of taking in, Jodee believes her success with keto partly resides in her capacity to mix a equilibrium of new and old eating behaviors. “I can nonetheless take in lots of of the meals I like even though fitting in just my keto life-style, so I never experience like I am lacking out on some thing.”

She consists of options that perform for her, these types of as replacing mashed potatoes with mashed cauliflower or radishes and effortlessly finds new recipes on-line with so a lot of individuals out there also checking out the keto landscape. 


Sometimes the determination to be successful on a new diet program can indicate trying to adhere to the prepare so rigidly that it can guide to failure—and much more disappointment. “Many people who are living a keto life-style are clean eaters and stay clear of any processed foods. I comply with the ‘dirty keto’ life style,” she says, “which usually means I target on keeping within just my day by day permitted boundaries of carbs, protein, and body fat, though continue to consuming some processed meals.”

Jodi’s crafted-in concessions allows her to continue to be centered on keeping general improved consuming habits. And these attempts have paid out off. “In one calendar year of only shifting my consuming routines, no authentic emphasis on physical exercise, I have lost 35 lbs,” Jodee states.

In addition, she just feels better in her possess pores and skin, “My power degree has improved considerably, and I have an awesome total experience of wellbeing that I didn’t even recognize I was lacking. I just come to feel lighter and superior.”

Outside of THE End LINE 

Wellbeing evolutions can be hard—and humbling. We test new issues, but they may perhaps not operate in the way we expect them to, or the way they did for other folks. Other times getting measures towards improved well being could pay back off with even greater benefits than we’d hoped.

The vital portion is to retain looking. These times Jodee finds herself completely ready for the upcoming move in her keto journey. Buoyed by her newfound feeling of self and energy, she has began performing out at a gym, “something I in no way, and I imply Hardly ever, imagined I would do,” she claims.

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