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7 Thousand Oaks – Milkwood: permaculture courses, skills + tales

Vicki Mason Oregano, Wattle and Rose brooches. Photograph by Bill Shaylor


Lately I identified myself sitting down in a Melbourne basement talking to attention-grabbing folks for a complete working day. It was an unconventional Sunday for me. As soon as on a time, this form of matter was really usual in my lifetime, but these times my Sundays seem to be to be invested possibly internet hosting Permaculture programs, or digging holes, or contemplating lichen, or re-imagining the planting design and style for the second food items forest under the main swale. So a day put in chatting in a basement was quite a address, in its way.

This long chat was a discussion board as portion of the 7 Thousand Oaks competition. I consider i was there in the capability of an artist/farmer who also delves in sustainability education and learning, but I’m not certain… what i do know is that I met a bunch of remarkable and inspiring individuals and arrived back home complete of new strategies and unique instructions relating to Permaculture, mapping, social sustainability and covenants. Which includes the following:

Six Seasons Calendar – numerous indigenous nations of Australia recognize 6 seasons in the year, or two, or five. Alexis Becketts designed a calendar primarily based on her 10 a long time of sightings and observations in a mother nature reserve in Melbourne.

Boundaries of Residence is a seminal textual content on mapping, modern society and the natural environment. I’m nevertheless to examine the whole detail but it appears tantalizing. Have a glimpse at even the very first webpage and you will see what i signify.

Local community-owned brooches – the Broaching Improve Job is an artwork by jeweler Vicki Mason, involving a few brooches. If you have on a single, you must be ready to give it to the very first human being who compliments you on it. And they to the future. And so on. Some gorgeous nuances of covenance, possession and sharing, all wrapped up in a seemingly uncomplicated object.

Village Well are a collective who specialise in placemaking. At its most functional, placemaking can suggest the procedure of preparing and guiding a group as a result of changeover, re-instating local foodstuff programs and facilitating community resilience in periods of substantial alter. I notably like their ethos of authentic engagement to check out and actually use the effects of social mapping initiatives, relatively than making use of a token technique to community consultation.

I also achieved Ilan from Sense of Area, a ukelele-enjoying, backyard garden-coming up with theatre maker, Lisa of Community Assembly who does wonderful things in social sustainability, Glen from Bindarri whose concentration is organising creatives about sustainability difficulties and steps, and Ilka from The Last Tree who operates with corporates and communities advocating the purpose of the artist as catalyst for environmental regeneration.

By the conclude of the working day we’d flogged the term ‘sustainability’ to death (and very good riddance way too). What lies further than? Properly, for me, it’s a Permaculture solution, both of those to daily life, neighborhood, and art. Permaculture is not the rain that falls, nor the roof that collects it, nor the art that will get built beneath it, nor the back garden over and above that feeds from it. Permaculture structure is the partnership concerning these points. (with apologies to Javan Kerby Bernakevitch).

So again i go to Milkwood – to dig, to imagine, to style and design and most importantly, to do  – trigger chatting is 1 point, but the undertaking is all.