12 Meals to Consume for Much more Vitamin C

Cherries high in vitamin C

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Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant recognized for supporting quite a few parts of wellness which include immune wellbeing, mind health and fitness, skin health and fitness and cardiovascular overall health. As a water-soluble vitamin, your system won’t store it for extensive intervals of time, meaning it is crucial to either complement or contain vitamin C food items in your diet regime.

So how significantly do you need? In accordance to the Nationwide Institute of Wellness, the Advised Day-to-day Allowance (RDA) for vitamin C is 90 mg for adult males and 75 mg for grownup women. Expecting gals really should purpose for 85 mg whilst lactating girls need to get 120 mg. People who smoke should eat at minimum 35 mg far more than non-smokers.

Most people today believe about oranges when it will come to vitamin C, but there are lots of other fantastic fruits and vegetables that consist of related amounts or even more. Discover your favored deliver products in the record down below, and make sure to increase them daily to sustain your vitamin C concentrations.


Major Vitamin C Meals (for every 1 cup)

1Acerola Cherry: 1,644 mg

The figures don’t lie—acerola cherries are by significantly the very best meals supply of vitamin C. You can get this tasty fruit in juice and powder kind when it’s not in season.

Guava rich in vitamin C

2Guava: 377 mg

Dependent on the place you stay, guava may perhaps be hard to obtain, but this superfood is well really worth exploring for owing to its nutrient written content. Guava also includes potassium, manganese, folic acid and fiber.

Peppers rich in vitamin C

3Peppers: 190 mg – 341 mg

Peppers feed your human body vitamin C as nicely as beta-carotene, an antioxidant regarded for its vision wellness houses. Take pleasure in environmentally friendly, pink, yellow or orange peppers as a wholesome snack with avocado or cottage cheese, or incorporate them to your favorite recipe.

Kiwi rich in vitamin C

4Kiwi: 167 mg

Kiwi is a great addition to smoothies and yogurt bowls, and for superior explanation. They supply more than two times as significantly vitamin C as the every day recommendation. Kiwi also incorporates flavonoids and potassium for supplemental gains.

Oranges rich in vitamin C

5Oranges: 96 mg

Stress not! Even if they aren’t the major option, oranges nevertheless have a lot of vitamin C. Love a glass of orange juice or a bowl of orange slices, and you have received loads of vitamin C for the working day.

Strawberries rich in vitamin C

6Strawberries: 89 mg

Strawberries are 1 of the most advantageous berries for your health. Along with vitamin C, they supply other essential anti-oxidants and are a superior resource of fiber.



Papaya rich in vitamin C

7Papaya: 88 mg

Papayas are a good supply of both of those vitamins C and A. They also contain effective enzymes like papain. Incorporate a person to yogurt, smoothies, oatmeal or cottage cheese for an extra boost of flavor.

Kale rich in vitamin C

8Kale: 87 mg

While all dim leafy greens include very good quantities of vitamin C, kale is by far the ideal alternative. Utilizing it as a foundation in salads or smoothies will give you the RDA for vitamin C as well as other critical vitamins and minerals like vitamin A.

Kohlrabi rich in vitamin C

9Kohlrabi: 84 mg

Kohlrabi is a prime instance of not judging a vegetable by its cover. This one of a kind-looking vegetable can be cooked as fries, applied in location of cabbage for coleslaw or even spiralized into noodles. Give this vitamin C veggie a try out in your subsequent recipe.

Broccoli rich in vitamin C

10Broccoli: 81 mg

Of course broccoli is heading to make the checklist! Little ones may well not be fans of it, but it is packed with important vitamins like nutritional vitamins C and K. Insert it to a veggie platter, and snack away!

Pineapples rich in vitamin C

11Pineapple: 79 mg

Like papaya, pineapple is a mouth watering tropical fruit that delivers a fantastic quantity of vitamin C. It also consists of bromelain, which is identified for supporting digestive wellness. Include pineapple to your smoothie or consume it as a juice.

Brussels sprouts rich in vitamin C

12Brussels Sprouts: 75 mg

Regardless of whether you want to use them as a salad base or cook dinner them as a side dish, Brussels sprouts are packed with critical vitamins and minerals. Along with vitamin C, they contain nutritional vitamins K and A, folate, potassium, manganese and fiber.

Vitamin C foods infographic


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What is your beloved vitamin C foodstuff? If you complement vitamin C, what vitamin C form do you get?

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